Sleeps 6
800+ Mileage
10k+ lbs
Tow Load
4 Seasons


We specialize in repurposing military vehicles, carefully selecting low-mileage units that go through our multi-point inspection and refurbishment process.

Common items that we replace include tires, seats, belts and hoses, batteries and fluids, and filters. We add heat and soundproofing to the cab, carpet and refurbish the seats and dashboard, and paint to choice. This is just our baseline– the sky is the limit with custom options.

APEX 6x6
Extreme Expedition Rigs

Apex Virtual Tour

Missed us due to an event cancellation? Don't worry about it; you can still take a tour of the Apex virtually through this video.

Hunter RMV is transforming and customizing military cargo vehicles into the most capable and affordable off-road recreational vehicles in the industry.
If only there were a durable off-road vehicle capable of venturing out to the middle of nowhere. That was exactly Hunter RMV founder Keith Storey’s impetus for creating the Predator 6.6. You may recognize the foundation for this vehicle if you spent any time as a ground pounder. With a history of refurbishing and selling military equipment, Keith already had exposure to plenty of capable platforms. So the light bulb moment came — why not combine the luxury of a high-end trailer with the resilience of a military chassis?
— John Schwartze,
An RMV for everyone.

As a buyer, you have choices. You can purchase an in-stock, ready-to-ship vehicle- or you can have your own custom-built, with all the bells and whistles you can imagine. Take a closer look at your options.

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