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Sherpa X

Affordability meets off-road exploration. These rigs are built on a variety of chassis, ensuring high capability and value. Starting at $175,000+

Introducing the Sherpa Line – a fleet designed for unmatched off-road adventures, offering a spectrum of off-road possibilities. With three unique trims, X, XL, and XLE, the Sherpa Line caters to diverse expeditionary needs on a variety of new and refurbished chassis.

Starting at the base X trim priced at $175,000+ the Sherpa X introduces adventurers to a world of off-road possibilities. Versatile and value-oriented, the X package delivers essential features, ensuring a robust foundation for exploration.

Stepping up, the XL trim, priced at $205,000+ amplifies the Sherpa experience with additional features and customization options. Balancing affordability with enhanced capabilities, the XL package is tailored for those seeking added comfort and versatility of a larger 18 foot box.

At the top is the XLE trim, priced at $295,000+, delivering unparalleled off-road capability. The XLE package caters to adventurers seeking uncompromised performance and comfort. Coming standard with recovery equipment, and an extended 18-22 foot box with a convenient passthrough to the cab.

Whether you choose the robust X, the versatile XL, or the fully loaded XLE, each trim promises an exhilarating journey with features for the ultimate off-road experience.

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