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Crafting Adventures, One Vehicle at a Time




We're committed to being your partner throughout the entire build process. Our pledge is to stand by you, offering transparent communication, guidance, and support from inception to completion. Your journey matters, and our dedication to accountability ensures that you're heard, informed, and involved at every stage. Experience the reassurance of a team dedicated to making your expedition vehicle dream a reality.

Our team boasts decades of collective experience in fabrication and an intimate understanding of the industry. With lifelong trades in craftsmanship, we bring unparalleled expertise to every build. Our core values of precision, innovation, and reliability drive our quest for perfection. Explore our site to witness our team's mastery reflected in each meticulously crafted expedition vehicle.


We specialize in crafting bespoke expedition trucks that defy conventional limitations. At Hunter RMV, we offer custom builds tailored to your wildest adventures, alongside affordable prebuilt models designed for exploration, ensuring there's an option for every seeker of off-road thrills. Explore our site to discover the epitome of off-road excellence, meticulously crafted for your expedition dreams.

Craftsmanship- Expedition Truck DIY


Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

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Arlington, Virginia

This is the space to share a review from one of the business's clients or customers.

Naperville, Illinois

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Plano, Texas

LMTV Camper Truck 6x6

Nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada, Hunter RMV is where our dedicated team crafts every vehicle. Founder Keith Storey sought more from expedition vehicles than what standard models offered. His quest stemmed from limitations faced during travels with his family. Traditional options fell short in both capability and affordability, lacking adequate space for his family of three. To fulfill his dream of exploring remote sites comfortably, Keith designed the first Hunter RMV prototype, "The Beast," using an M939 6×6 military vehicle chassis. Recognizing the reliability, Keith expanded to the LMTV chassis as well as other capable rigs adding modern controls and enhanced features for a better driving experience. This shift allowed Hunter RMV to offer superior expedition vehicles that combine rugged capability with comfort and affordability.

Redefining Off-Road Possibilities


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