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Got Some Questions?

Hunter RMV is transforming and customizing military cargo vehicles into the most capable and affordable off-road recreational vehicles in the industry.

— John Schwartze,

If only there were a durable off-road vehicle capable of venturing out to the middle of nowhere. That was exactly Hunter RMV founder Keith Storey’s impetus for creating the Predator 6.6. You may recognize the foundation for this vehicle if you spent any time as a ground pounder. With a history of refurbishing and selling military equipment, Keith already had exposure to plenty of capable platforms. So the light bulb moment came — why not combine the luxury of a high-end trailer with the resilience of a military chassis?

Build Process

Our small, dedicated team generally takes 6 to 9 months per build , so plan on that at minimum if you're making a custom order. Depending on the final build design/ price, we will contract with staged payments, usually 30/20/20/30.

We ask that you contact us to discuss what you want in your vehicle, custom options, and any questions you might have. From there, we communicate with you every step of the way, either by email or phone, to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Because of the differences in the various options offered, the time it takes to complete a build may vary.

If you're itching to get in the driver's seat as soon as possible, check out the vehicles we already have built on our sales page. These are ready to ship as soon as you buy.

Purchase Hunter RMV

If you do not see a vehicle in inventory for sale that you would like, contact us with your wish list and we will give you an estimate of build time and cost. Buying a vehicle can be done online at any time after you contact us, or when you come to meet us at an event.

To see our vehicles in-person, you can either set up an appointment with us, or request a virtual walk through.

We will talk you through each step. Payment is due upon completion of the vehicle. 

Warranty Info

Hunter RMV offers a 90 day warranty on the vehicle/drivetrain ( 1 year if Acela build), and 1 year on the habitat box/systems . We want happy repeat customers so our goal is to support/ advise you at any time.

While we're confident you'll love your vehicle, we're here to help you with any issues that might come up for up or questions you may have. Whatever it is, contact us, and we'll make it right.

Financing Info

Off road Vehicles and Expedition trucks can be a challenge for banks, however we have a lender who may be able to help. Wyatt Leasing offers a variety of options to help you get on the road as soon as possible.



Contact Cameron Mitchell directly


Vehicle Maintenance

We've got some good news about maintenance: any RV or big truck garage will be familiar with virtually all of the components of your vehicle.

Luckily for us, our tax dollars have been heavily spent by the US Military in developing, testing and using these highly reliable vehicles in extreme environments. This also goes for the engine and transmission. Virtually all systems are well known to RV and truck shops (the CAT/ Allison combo is in many Class A RV’s and over the road trucks). The beauty of these rigs is that they are multi-fuel capable, so venturing to remote parts of the world is possible without fuel type/quality issues.

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