Hunter RMV is Making Waves Across the Internet

Hunter RMV is Making Waves Across the Internet

By Hunter RMV on August 29, 2018 in News

Expedition vehicles with unprecedented value, but don't take our word for it.

Our Hunter RV Predator 6.6 vehicle is making waves in the off-road RV community. When we started converting Light Medium Tactical Vehicles (LMTVs) into RVs, we knew it would transform the outdoor expedition community forever.

Every Hunter RMV was utilized by the military to transport people and goods on rugged terrain all over the world – making it the perfect expedition vehicle.

Not only are Hunter RMVs endlessly versatile and rugged, they’re also extremely affordable with impressive horsepower and full-time all-wheel drive. And oh yeah, they look pretty cool too.

Predator 6.6

There’s a lot we could say about the Predator 6.6 Hunter RMV, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Here’s a roundup of just some of the attention the expedition and adventure vehicle industries have given Hunter RMV this summer.

Gear Patrol review

Gear Patrol

This New Rugged 4×4 Camper Is the Most Affordable We’ve Seen

As an award-winning print and digital publication, Gear Patrol focuses on product journalism. The Gear Patrol team discovers up and coming products and explores the stories that surround them.

Hunter RMVs vehicles are tactical and practical. Gear Patrol highlights the affordability of the vehicle and even compares it to a competitor. Spoiler alert, our vehicle is half the price allowing you to include the premium upgrades you want and leave out what you don’t.

Insidehook review



InsideHook covers everything you need to know lifestyle and outdoor adventures, writing only about products, services, and experiences that are worth your time and available now.

Looking for an honest review of the Predator’s features? InsideHook reviews our vehicles and gives you their take on what’s included (and what’s not). Did you know that the Predator is solar power capable? You do now.

HiConsumption review


Hunter RMV Predator 6.6 Off-Road RV

HiConsumption covers the latest in gadgets, design, vehicles and more. Written by influential tastemakers, HiConsumption covers emerging trends that keep readers ahead of the curve.

For a peek at the Predator’s interior, check out HiConsumption’s review of our military vehicle turned RV. You’ll see how the vehicle transforms to fit five and get the inside scoop on some of its best features like its water purification system and great storage options.

Go Anywhere

If you truly want to go anywhere, not just any vehicle will do. People are talking about Hunter RMV because we’re expanding the limits of what an off-road recreational vehicle can do. With one of the most capable vehicles on the market starting under $200k, Hunter RMVs will meet your expedition and budget needs.

When we say go anywhere, we mean it.

Learn more about our vehicles.

What You Need to Know About Bringing an RV to Burning Man 2018

What You Need to Know About Bringing an RV to Burning Man 2018

By Hunter RMV on July 13, 2018 in News

Streamlining the Logistical Piece of Your Burning Man Experience

Burning Man 2018 is right around the corner – you’ve probably already bought your tickets, and you’re ready for an experience of a lifetime. Now is the time to figure out the logistics of your trip so you can focus on the festival later.

Many Burners bring their own RV’s or hope to rent one to take to Black Rock City (BRC), and some even purchase an RV for the event. As you’re deciding whether to rent or bring your own RV to Burning Man, here are some things you might not have considered that will prepare you for this life-changing event.

Be Prepared for the Dust

The dust on the playa is not just any dust. It’s a fine mineral film that gets everywhere and in everything! If you’re bringing your own RV, you need to be sure to do a deep clean afterward.

Before you even get to Black Rock City, you will need to cover all vent openings, tape over seams, protect your upholstery, cover your flooring and give your whole vehicle a good wax.

Plan to spend several hours cleaning after Burning Man.

If you’re renting an RV, you won’t have to worry about the intense cleanup. This can be a huge advantage and save you a lot of time. However, most RV rental facilities charge more than $1,000 to clean the vehicle for you. It’s a lot of work.

And remember, if you’re bringing your own personal RV to the event, it may never be the same after. There are no additional cleaning fees when you rent with Hunter RMV.

Power, Lights, and Fuel

In the hot and sunny desert, solar power can be a big advantage. If your current RV doesn’t have a solar option, you may choose to rent. You can run a generator, but it’s noisy and requires fuel.

Black Rock City is extremely dark, find an RV with lights so you can easily find it on your way back in the evening.

Extra fuel is extremely important. Getting into and out of BRC can take upwards of nine hours and lines for fuel get ridiculously long the closer you get to BRC. Be prepared and fill your tank on your way out of Reno, Nevada, where most fly into to reach BRC.

If you rent an RV for Burning Man from Hunter, we’ll actually pick you up from and drop you off at the airport and deliver you to your already set up RV stocked with basic supplies, fresh water, and more.

Bring Bikes

Bikes are a necessity in BRC, not a luxury. There’s a large distance to cover when getting around and walking everywhere isn’t practical. You’ll also need to put some lights on your bike and yourself for traveling when it’s dark. This will help you find your bikes among thousands of bikes and, more importantly, make you visible to others in a crowded and often times dark environment.

Again, there is fine dust everywhere. If you are considering bringing a bike that you want to keep nice, we wouldn’t advise bringing it to Burning Man. Also, many traveling from afar to BRC often purchase a bike when arriving in Reno, and then leave the bike on the Playa for someone else to deal with. Managing thousands of left behind bikes is frustrating to both locals and authorities every year after Burning Man.

Renting with Hunter, you’ll have the option to purchase a bike, bike lock, basic repair kit, and a lighting kit for $225 total. You get to keep the bike when the festival is over or just leave in in the RV and Hunter will donate it.

About Hunter RMV’s for Burning Man

Hunter RMV just decided to rent vehicles for Burning Man and if you haven’t locked in your rental yet, now is the time.

Hunter is sending Burning Man veteran, The Beast, that sleeps up to six and two Predators that sleep up to 4. The beast is a spacious RV for two, but it sleeps up to six and has a queen bed and two double beds. The Predators are newer RMVs equipped with one queen bed and two twin beds (bunk bed).

Keep cool in the scorching desert with air conditioning, hot and cold water in your full bathroom, dinette, and over 10 hours a day of generator power.

You won’t have to worry about, literally, being stranded in the desert. Hunter offers dependable support, all delivery and set up and waste tank evacuation are included. You can even add on grocery services and extra generators if you feel you’ll need more power.

Need something else? Just ask. At Hunter, we will do our best to make sure everything you need is in Black Rock City waiting for you.

Focus on the Experience of a Lifetime

Your RV is an essential part of your Burning Man experience, but you shouldn’t have to worry about the logistics of it at the event. Hunter wants to take all the set up, clean up, and everything in between out of your hands so you can focus on what really matters.

If you choose to rent an RV to bring to BRC, learn more about Hunter and book your vehicle before they’re all gone.