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Nestled at the base of the Eastern Sierras near Lake Tahoe, Hunter RMV is located in Minden, Nevada. Every Hunter RMV vehicle is fabricated by the team here. Hunter RMV founder, Keith Storey, wanted more from an expedition vehicle. Keith found that his diesel pusher, although comfortable, was limited in its ability to handle any remote sites and was unable to manage remote off-road conditions. Worse, he discovered that vehicles that could make his bucket list adventures reality started at $400,000, and most were unable to comfortably sleep his family of three, as most are set up for a couple.

Keith decided to build a custom extreme expedition vehicle that could take him, and his family, on trips with few limitations comfortably, easily, and affordably. The first Hunter RMV prototype, “The Beast,” became a reality. The Beast was built on an M939 6×6 military vehicle chassis. Keith knew that if a vehicle was rugged enough for our troops, it would be more than capable of meeting his remote needs. Moreover, locating and commandeering military vehicles provided exceptional value while giving Keith the biggest, baddest expedition vehicle in the industry. The prototype exceeded expectations, and Keith expanded the line. Hunter RMV now utilizes the proven LMTV military cargo vehicle chassis. With over 20,000 manufactured, the LMTV provides a better driving experience, is easier to manage and navigate, and has modern controls and features that the M939 simply does not offer.

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